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I found this game over 3 years ago, and before that, I been playing Titan Quest an ARPG created by a former studio called Iron Lore, but sadly Iron Lore is no more. I found TQ on a steam sale, and decided to buy it, and this was a very good choice as it sicked me in

the game is far better then many other ARPGs I have played, and while playing the game,, and using one such mod for the game, TQdefiler, that gave me a link to a studio called Grim Dawn, and Crate Entertainment

I didn't back it from the word go, as I had issues pre ordering the game, but later that got fixed, also when Crate did a Kickstarter for GD, I supported it there too

Now after 3 plus years of waiting, GD has hit alpha, and boy what a game it is

I will try and update this section as much as I can, with images of items I have found and some information about the game