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The Moon Project 2.1

Command and conquer generals 1.07

     Command and Conquer generals 1.07 eng 17Mb

Command and conquer generals Zero hour 1,02

     Command and Conquer generals zero hour eng 8.6Mb 


     Homeworld 1.05 patch, UK I think. file size is 1.98mb


     For Homeworld Cataclysm UK version, 2.67mb file size


     Homeworld 2 patch, english version, file size is 26.3mb  


     Edge of chaos - Independence war 2 patch, F14.6


     this is an unsuppoeted patch that corrects a problem in act 2, you need f14.6 installed first


     Freespace 2 1.2 patch

Black and White 2  V1.1

This patch fixes some problems with the game, for a full list please refer to the readme once you have installed it, also save games from version 1.0 aren't compatible so you need to remove them, the patch is 106meg in size

Black and White 2 patch V1.2 new

This update for Black and white 2 fixes more bugs in the game, please refer to the readme for a complete list of fixes, also note save games from 1.0 and 1.1 will work in a patched V1.2 game,  but you should start again for the 1.2 patch to fully work, also you need that game already patched to 1.1 BEFORE you apply this patch

patch is 31.7 meg in size

Metal Gear Solid 2 substance  V2.0 new

This is for ATI card users only, it allows MGS 2 to work with ATI cards above Radeon 8500 range, as well as fixing some minor bugs

patch is 12 meg in size

Darkstar one 1.2UK  new

This is a patch for Darkstar one, it fixes a few issues including some mission fixes, you can refer to the readme for a full list of fixes

patch is 10 meg in size