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Read me first

Most of these scripts are unsigned, therefore require the script editor to be enabled To do that, exit into space and type Thereshallbewings Note the capital T Always read the readmes, as they can answer most questions PS to save confusion, I am no scripter, I am only hosting these scripts, if you have trouble with any of them contact the appropriate author, one more thing everytime that you visit this page please reload the page from within the web bowser as you you will be seeing the page from your hard drive and NOT the website server thank you 

Xai Corp Advanced Combat Project 3.12m beta

     My highly recomanded script, and my favourate of all time Make the game that much more enjoyable now supported by Carl Sumner (Tinker) 

Fight Command Software Mk3 Patrol v2.1b

     Updated Flight command, this is the patrol script, this is not the signed version by Carl Sumner (Tinker) 

Fight Command Software Mk3 Wing v2.1b

     Updated flight command, this is the winman script by Carl Sumner (Tinker) 

Marks Resupply V2.1b

     Updated flight command, this is the resupply script By Carl Sumner (Tinker) 

CWS Defense Turrets V1.0

     Tired of your Transport ships going defenseless? Think your traders should have at least a chance to defend themselves, when other race's traders can? This script will enable the Defensive (only) turret commands for player trade ships that have Trade 1 and Trade 2 upgrade Carl Sumner (Tinker) 

CWS Buyware and Continue V1.00

     Your factory needs a ware desperately so you give one of the "Buy" ships a command to Buy Ware at Station to get some at a higher price. Two hours later you see the station is flashing again and look to see what is wrong. The buy ship is sitting there with a command still set to None! Ack! Forgot to set it back to Buy Best or BPH. by Carl Sumner (Tinker) 


     for finding conflicts in the language files, this is not a script but a stand alone prgram, please read the ConfRpReadme.txt for the program's ussage. By Carl Sumner (Tinker) 


     Makes TS go faster every succesful trip 


     Ideal for loop builders 

Xai jumpdrive command V5.0

     Xai jumpdrive and navigation command 


     Laser and economy fix 

xaicorp.fsup.2.1 final

     Very useful for suppling ships and other features 

xaicorp.xtc2.v1.1 final

     Xai's rival to the signed galaxy trader 


     NEEDED for XTC2 1.1 overwrite all files 


     NEEDED for XTC2 1.1 overwrite all files 

xaicorp.prs.1.4 final

     Needed for XaiTC2 

xaitec.towing.device.1.02 experimental

     a towing.device 


     The euro (non german)1.4 patch 

Shadowtek's enterprise 2.2 full V

     This is Shadowtek's mod and it's the full 2.2 version that also includes four X shuttles, when you dock with the enterprise you must undock and redock all the X- shuttles 

AL update

     Signed, AL_script_update, NEEDS the 1.4 patch 


     used for most recent Xai scripts 


     Keeps your navy from chassing enemies across the galaxy V4 

Xai corp FMS 1.0 Beta4

     Very good factory managment system will a whole load of options to boot 

Flight command Mk3 1.5

     Mark's last supported version, this is an unedited script but I do use this along side the basic patrol script. In my version the patrol commnads are locked off, anyone wanting this version send me an email and I will host it

Colored Names Software V 1.0

     colour code your TS so you know which ship is doing what

     allows you to change the main cammand names into something better