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A warning

     For any that might be thinking of downloading these saves, I will say this, I run a lot of scripts so if you run a save then start finding problems, that is because you aren’t running the scripts that I am, they are mainly for the author of ACA and RPP as he has no time to take pilots to very high levels, also avoid 19.sav as that has RPP enabled but for the time being RPP has been put on hold untill the author gets ACA signed. as RPP is in its experimental stages I wouldn't use it, ACA is stable and works fully so if you want to use a save then use as that is ACA enabled


     Mission 3, test save, script editor NOT enabled 


     Advance testing save, you are in the most eastern unknown sector with a couple of novas ACA 


     in paranid prime, can locate the UTs vai AHEPT forge in empire mines, as I have set UTs homebase to it

My scripts

     All the scripts that I am running